Optical Fibre and Copper Cabling Systems

Experience Wi-Fi performance like never before

WBT / iQComm NEXTGEN WIFI Wireless solutions stand out from the competition.

WBT / iQComm NEXTGEN WIFI Wireless solutions reduce overall capital and operation expenditure by up to 70% when compared to current WiFi technologies, improve user experience by providing a greater coverage area and higher speeds. Our Wi-Fi solutions are ideal for high-density applications and are scalable.

Moreover, we have a solution for commercialising public “free” Wi-Fi services.

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  • WBT / iQCOMM’s built-for-US-military technologies are now commercially available in Australia, NZ and other locations.
  • WBT / iQCOMM products are all US manufactured.
  • Innovative technology that extends the usable distance of radio transmissions on average three-fold.
  • Provides more capacity and longer reach than traditional WiFi.
  • Suitable for many applications as a complementary or stand-alone access technology method.
  • Reduces total cost of network ownership and operations.
  • For example, just one high-end 8-radio device delivers – 160,000 M2 coverage to 2,000 active mobile devices and 10 Gb/s total wireless throughput (Specifications.)

NEXTGEN WIFI User Capacity vs. Competition

wi-fi solution



  • Up 70% saving versus current WiFi technologies
  • High Capacity
  • Reliable
  • Minimal infrastructure required
  • Less cabling and AP’s per coverage area
  • Low deployment and ongoing costs
  • Large coverage area per AP
  • More users per AP


  • Large auditoriums currently require numerous Wi-Fi access points to provide coverage and support many simultaneous users.
  • Each small iQCOMM 2-radio device will serve 220 simultaneous users with up to 600 Mb/s throughput and saturate a typical auditorium.

Shopping centres

  • Shopping Malls and offices are also complex due to the different shapes and building materials used. We recommend testing on each site to deliver optimal performance.
  • Shopping Malls
  • These are an ideal application for iQCOMM devices. The extra range, the higher usable bandwidth and concurrent active users, means fewer devices are needed to provide a better user experience.
  • Active load sharing between Access Points means you will automatically get your bandwidth to users wherever they are – even as crowds move throughout your precinct.


  • iQCOMM has several mining specific products including a fully certified device for “gassy” mines.
  • Redundant infrastructure for above and below ground applications.
  • Point-to-point for long range backhaul.
  • Office, mining camp coverage.
  • Ruggedised IP rated enclosures for harsh environments.

Agricultural / Pastoral

  • New Agri-business technologies constantly improve productivity.
  • Demand for live connectivity between machines and people in the field, and back to base is increasing – however, the tyrannies of distance make this difficult.
  • iQCOMM agri-business and farming products provide low cost, high bandwidth network solution using Wi-Fi and lower bandwidth frequencies.
  • Town Wi-Fi can be deployed to homes and homesteads in a 30 Kilometre radius Line of Sight.
  • Lower frequency solutions can provide up to 50 Kilometre connectivity Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multi-Point and are less sensitive to hills and trees.
  • Homestead to machines can be deployed to a 5 Kilometre radius which is ideal for harvesters on very large tracts of land.

Units & Resorts

  • Old units and resorts are more complex due to the different shapes and building materials used. We recommend testing on each site to deliver optimal performance.


  • iQCOMM devices provide more than far greater range and deliverable bandwidth.
  • Greater penetration through walls, more active simultaneous user connections and multiple SSIDs make iQCOMM and ideal high power, lower cost option for offices.
  • Security is a premium with iQCOMM APs. They incorporate the latest and best security due to their US military heritage.
  • Full AP Control solutions are available for easy management, maintenance and updates. New generation IoT and IoE inclusions and custom development mean machine-to-machine and machine-to-person integration is cost effective and easy.

Outdoor Events & Public Precincts

  • Parks and pop-up events with thousands of people are ideal applications for iQCOMM technologies.
  • Each device supports more active users over larger distances and delivers higher bandwidth (subject to backhaul).
  • This means fewer devices are needed, bump-in and bump-out for temporary installations are simple and quick, and the user’s experience is more reliable.
  • Devices are low latency and support other applications such as broadcast video to the consumer for multi-stage events.