Optical Fibre and Copper Cabling Systems

logo-WB-headerWarren & Brown Technologies (WBT) was originally established in 1921 as a tool-making factory in Melbourne, Australia. Since then, the company has evolved and become a leader in precision tools and telecommunications technology.

The professional team at WBT continues to lead the way in designing and manufacturing telecommunications hardware products, which have been deployed in countless networks around the world.

We pride ourselves on being a global leader in the supply and manufacture of optical fibre and copper communications equipment. Innovative designs, attention to detail and a willingness to go above and beyond the requirements of our customers are what establishes WBT as the industry benchmark. As we look towards the exciting and dynamic future of the telecommunications industry, our history and experience gained over the last 95 years ensures that we are well equipped for the challenging times ahead.

We provide the ideas and solutions behind the telecommunications infrastructure which powers our connected society. Working closely with our partners, our aim is to provide a network with reliability and scalability by means of our solutions. Regardless of whether a network is delivering Video-On-Demand, High Speed Broadband, Video Conferencing, Cloud Computing or anything else, our products and solutions ensure reliable connections so that the quality and experience of end user is never compromised.