Optical Fibre and Copper Cabling Systems


Warren & Brown’s extensive telecommunications product range provides a complete solution for most applications in Carrier, Data Centre, Industrial and Enterprise cabling markets.

Warren & Brown’s Hypaconnect Integrated Cabling Solution (ICS) is an advanced structured cabling infrastructure solution that allows for various applications to be successfully operated over a single cable network including  voice, data, CCTV, Access Control, Automation, A/V and many others.

Included in Warren and Brown’s product range are optical fibre components such as our ducting raceway, patchcords, patch panels, Optical distribution frames (ODF) and other FTTH products. Copper cabling components include various CAT6, CAT6A, CAT7 patch panels, patch cords, LAN cable and other cable management items.

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These units are used to help pass a pigtail or patch cord through convoluted tubing where multiple optical fibre cords have already been installed.


Part Number: 129x01KIT

This small plastic break-out module, enables a 6.0mm – 9.0mm diameter ribbon fibre cable containing up to 6 x 12 fibre ribbons, to be individually separated and have each ribbon installed into a 6mm x 3mm rectangular plastic transport tube.


Optical Fibre Accessories
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The Transponder Peg detector Instrument is a portable, hand held instrument, used for locating vertically buried transponder pegs in the ground. It can typically find pegs buried vertically up to a depth of 1.5 metres. The instrument operates off 12 AA size batteries, for a typical 20 hours field life. It has an adjustable time out feature that prolongs battery life [and can be turned off]. A battery level indicator and low battery warning is provided. When nearby a buried peg, during relocation activities, a large bar graph and numeric and audible strength indicators, indicate the peg location. A user adjustable detection threshold is provided. The instrument features digital signal processor accuracy. A speaker volume adjustment is provided also. The instrument is weather resistant, of rugged construction, and operates over a temperature range from – 20 degrees Celsius to + 50 degrees Celsius. Accessories available include headphones and a carry case – Part Number: 49400052-B.


Optical Fibre Accessories
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Part Number: 65900200

This kit contains a complete set of items that enable optical fibre connectors and through connectors/adapters to be quickly cleaned in a safe and effective manner. Replacement items are available separately.

The cleaning solvent is Iso-Propyl Alcohol (IPA) One small container (eg 1 x 50 ml bottles) are included in the Cleaning Kit.


Part number: 62×006

This tool is used to extract either SC or A/SC through adaptors from densely populated patch panels. It is made from stainless steel to ensure a long service life. The tool has two small magnets attached to its back, which enable it to be stored in any convenient place on a steel rack or subrack. The tool is also designed to unplug WBT style through adaptor dust caps, with a central hole, from densely populated patch panels.


This compact, hand size, ergonomic type, connector cleaner, is quick, simple and effective way of cleaning the end face of common optic fibre connectors and through adaptors. These include: SC, FC, ST, D4, LC, DIN and Biconic connectors. Cleaning is achieved by removing the dust covers from the tool and connectors, inserting the tool into the through adaptor, or connector ferrule onto end cap of the tool and pushing the tools handle to start cleaning the connector end face. When a “click” sound is heard, cleaning is finished. Remove tool and replace end cap dust covers. If necessary repeat the operation a second time, to achieve a better result. A cleaning unit is good for approximately 400/500 cleaning operations. This cleaning unit is suitable for use in Exchanges/CO’s or commercial premises.


Part number: 63999202

This is a compact, portable connector inspection and cleaning instrument for field or Exchange use. There is a fixed connector viewing attachment on the main instrument, which accepts different viewing aids for different connector types. Supplied is a handset probe, which enables viewing of female connector types, using different viewing end attachments. Included is a replaceable in-built connector cleaner cassette, that allows three wipes on each of 50 cleaning sheets, ie 150 cleans from each cassette. Also available is a pen style item that enables ends of connectors to be wiped with approved connector cleaning fluid. The pen clips to the side of the instruments body. This instrument has an in-built LCD screen for safe viewing of connector ends. It is either battery powered or mains powered using a DC adaptor unit. A battery charge lasts about 4 hours. When not in use an automatic power saver mode operates to conserve battery life. The connector image can be loaded onto a PC using the USB port, using cable provided. Also the probe can be directly connected to a PC, and using supplied software, the image can be displayed and edited on the screen. Enables connector ends to be quickly checked and cleaned if/as required; using either wet or dry cleaning method. A complete range of connector viewing tips are available, for the instrument and hand probe. Consumable items eg cleaning cassette and pen are available separately.


Multifibre Cable Assemblies
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Warren & Brown manufacturers a large range of standard and customised multi-fibre cable assemblies. These cable assemblies are available in various fibre types, connector configurations and cable construction.

Even though many options are available off the shelf, due to our fast turnaround time and local production facilities, custom orders are able to be fulfilled with ease. Pre-terminated assemblies offer the advantage of reducing time and costs associated with splicing, cable breakout or connector terminations. In addition, due to the fact the assembled in a secure, clean and dust-free environment you can be certain the quality of the finished product with ensure reliable network connectivity.


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Optical Fibre singlemode patch cords from WBT meets ITU – G657D (optional G657A1 and G567A2) specification, with no water peak and low sensitivity to bends. The single optical fibre cord has the following features: coloured yellow; 9um core dia; 125µm cladding dia; and a 900µm tight buffered core. The core has an aramid yarn (eg Kevlar) strength member, provided under a LSZH sheath. The cord has physical properties of: minimum tensile strength of 100 Newtons; an MBR of 30mm; ability to withstand a small crushing load; and ability to withstand a small impact load. The cord also passes a standard edge bend test.

Every connector assembly supplied by WBT is made using quality parts, in a high quality termination facility, to recognised and approved Australian and International Standards. The quality and inspection procedures employed ensure only high quality, individually inspected and approved pigtails and patchcords are supplied. Therefore Customers can have confidence that the product supplied will perform reliably to a high standard in the Telco network for many years.


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Optical Fibre Patch Cords
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Optical Fibre Pigtails are generally installed into splice tray subracks and plug into patch panel thru connectors. Only one end of the cable assemblies have connectors while the other end is bare optical fibre. This kits allows for incoming cables to be spliced directly onto the pigtail. Pigtail kits are available in many options in 900 micron fibre.


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Part Number: TC4025P

This FTTH indoor / outdoor box is made of plastic, that will achieve a long service life. The box is IP65 rated. Provided is a security screw secured, openable cover with a rubber gasket. The box has separate rubber gland cable entries. One gland is for the 4 fibre cable and 4 x 1 fibre glands for customer cables. A single CTM clamp is provided for incoming cable. Up to 4 fusion splices can be housed in the pivot up splice tray. The room is provided for storing several loops of 900μm optical fibre. Through adaptor positions are provided for 4 x SC or A/SC through adaptors. Guiding/storage clips are located internally to guarantee the MBR of the stored optical fibre. 2 x holes are provided for mounting screws. An accessory kit is provided.


Part number: TC4025WB1SAA

Warren and Brown Technologies have developed a Fibre Wall Outlet for the National Broadband Network which is intended to be installed in every household around Australia.

The customer premise Fibre Wall Outlet (FWO) houses a single A/SC connector, for a single fibre service. A spring loaded shield covers the connectors end position, which provides dust protection when it is not in use. The unit has a full height, clip on cover and mounts on a standard GPO style bracket for easy installation. The outlet is supplied in four different colours ivory, white, light grey, beige and cream.

Generally in a FTTH network the FWO is the interconnection point between the external cable from the Premise Connection Device (PCD) and the Optical Network Terminal (ONT). The Warren & Brown FWO has the facility to store excess fibre, fusion splices or direct patch cord connections.

The multitude of options available make the FWO a practical device for use in other fibre optical networks where a single optical fibre port is required such as offices, data centres and other enterprise networks.


Part number: TC4025WB4SCP

4 Fibre Splice & Patch FTTH Indoor Wall box


Part number: TC4027M8

8 Fibre splce / patch wallbox ideally suited for indoor use in servicing up to 8 individual premises within a Multi Dwelling apartment block.

This medium sized, plastic box, is used as a final outdoors distribution point for 8 Customers, served by 8 x individual drop cables. Also allowed for is a cable feed on option to other nearby boxes. It has a pivot open cover. An inner pivot open tray houses 8 x A/SC through adaptors; that are available separately. Below this is a splice tray compartment that also houses a 1 x 8 way splitter; available separately.Two 12mm dia feeding and distribution optical fibre cables can enter the box through weather resistant seals. The box allows access for: fibre testing or fault finding. As the box is a neutral grey color it can be used in the majority of sites. The box is made of plastic to ensure a long service life outdoors. It has a security fastener to hold the cover securely


Part number: TC4027L16

This large sized, plastic box, is used as a final outdoors distribution point for 16 Customers, served by 16 x individual drop cables. Also allowed for is a cable feed onoption to other nearby boxes. It has a pivot open cover. An inner pivot open tray houses 16 x A/SC through adaptors; that are available separately. Below this is a splice traycompartment that also houses a 1 x 16 way or 2 x 8 way splitters; available separately. Two 12mm dia feeding and distribution optical fibre cables can enter the box through weather resistant seals. The box allows access for: fibre testing or fault finding. As the box is a neutral grey color it can be used in the majority of sites. The box is made of plastic to ensure a long service life outdoors. It has a security fastener to hold the cover securely

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