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Optical fibre cable management and termination are extremely important within the mobile hut or base station. Solutions are provided to ensure end to end cable management to suit 1/2″ or 7/8″ hybrid trunk cable. Additionally, the products offered by WBT are a true plug and play solution which enables rapid deployment of fibre optic management trays in the mobile base station. The MPO solution is specifically tailored for 7/8″ cable deployment and the high-density cable and connector configuration is all factory pre-terminated in a controlled environment.

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A full range of accessories including connector cleaning, earthing kits and installation are all available to ensure that WBT products are successfully installed in the telecoms network.


Part NumberDescription
TC4039-55Sheath removal tool
TC4039-15KITBracket, multi-feed cable supportTC4039-15KIT Mobiles Catalogue WBT PAGE 16 Mobiles Catalogue WBT PAGE 16 -V2 Mobile networks - Warren and Brown
65900212MTP / MPO connector cleaning tool, one click 65900212 Mobiles Catalogue WBT PAGE 16 Mobiles Catalogue WBT PAGE 16 -V2 Mobile networks - Warren and Brown
66159601Earthing kit, 7/8” hybrid cable66159601 Mobiles Catalogue WBT PAGE 16 Mobiles Catalogue WBT PAGE 16 -V2 Mobile networks - Warren and Brown


Part number: TC3093M

This optical fibre cable storage tray is used to route and store excess optical fibre patch cord lengths . The open top provides easy access to cable management area and me and the front edge has been lowered and the mounting brackets slotted to assist the installer with the optical cable installation in the commonly very crowded existing equipment racks. Optical cable entry into the tray is via 1 of 4 entry points, 1 on the LHS, 1 on the RHS and 2 on the rear. All cable entries have provision for tying off the cables.


TC7004 Series

The MPO Cassette mounts into a MPO subrack and provides a high density connectivity solution . The rear of the MPO cassette generally contains the MPO adaptors, while the front panel contains either LC, SC or SC/A connector interfaces. For the mobiles solution, generally 16 Fibre MPO – LC Duplex cassette’s are utilised.


TC7005 Series

This 1RU subrack accommodates 3 x MPO high density cassettes. The cassettes are available separately and are available with 12, 16 or 24 fibre LC capacity. Generally, for the mobiles solution, LC Duplex 16 fibre MPO cassette’s are utilised, providing a total capacity of 48 fibre LC in 1RU.  The subrack front mounts in a 19” rack, or a 21 inch rack, using extension brackets, which are available separately.


Part number: TC2701P24LCDAT

This 1RU sliding drawer module is used to house patching facilities in an optical fibre termination rack. It may be front or rear mounted in a 19” rack. Mounting hardware is supplied and the unit is configured ready to install. The unit has a universal rear entry for the external cable, which allows entry from either side.


This SMOF, pigtail with Grade A* connector, 1.5 metres in length, is supplied with 0.9 mm dia.Jacketed optical fibre. The SMOF meets G652D specification, with no water peak in the wavelength profilegraph and Telstra Specification 1557 Part 2 Issue 6. The single optical fibre has the following features: 9umcore dia. 125um cladding dia. and a 900um tight buffered jacket.

The complete assembly is capable of reliable operation in Exchanges or Repeaters over the temperature range of -20 degrees to +70 degrees Celsius and up to high levels of RH.


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Optical Fibre singlemode patch cords from WBT meets ITU – G657D (optional G657A1 and G567A2) specification, with no water peak and low sensitivity to bends. The single optical fibre cord has the following features: coloured yellow; 9um core dia; 125µm cladding dia; and a 900µm tight buffered core. The core has an aramid yarn (eg Kevlar) strength member, provided under a LSZH sheath. The cord has physical properties of: minimum tensile strength of 100 Newtons; an MBR of 30mm; ability to withstand a small crushing load; and ability to withstand a small impact load. The cord also passes a standard edge bend test.

Every connector assembly supplied by WBT is made using quality parts, in a high quality termination facility, to recognised and approved Australian and International Standards. The quality and inspection procedures employed ensure only high quality, individually inspected and approved pigtails and patchcords are supplied. Therefore Customers can have confidence that the product supplied will perform reliably to a high standard in the Telco network for many years.


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