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In addition to standard splice tray assemblies, various options and accessories are available to suit your requirements.

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Optical Fibre Connectivity
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Application of a heat shrink splice protector immediately after fusion splicing will protect the spliced optical fibre during installation, handling and storage for many years of the fibre’s lifetime. The heat shrink sleeves have been tested to Bellcore (Telcordia) Spec GR1380 . Each protector has a clear outer polyolefin tube, an inner copolymer dielectric sleeve and a stainless steel strength member for low heat absorption and electrical resistance. A shrink sleeve is completed in 90 seconds, at a temperature of 90 degrees Celsius.

Heat Shrink Splice Protectors

Part No
Notes: 1, 2, 3
No of FibresSize (mm) OD x L
100 x 08012.6/2.8 x 40
111 x 0112.6 x 40
111 x 0313 x 60
111 x 124 fibre (Ribbon)5mm (W) x 40mm (L)
111 x 138 fibre (Ribbon)5mm (W) x 40mm (L)

Crimp Type Splice Protector, Aluminium Body, “V” Shaped

Part No
Notes: 1, 2, 3
Size (mm) W x H x D
111 x 052.9 x 2 x 30


Note 1: Standard pack size 15 Splice Protectors.

Note 2: Enables up to 16 splices to be accommodated in a splice tray using clip Part No: TC250S-11

Note 3: Applicator tool, available separately


Splice Protector Holder, 12 Fibre Capacity heat shrink splice protector – The light blue splice protector holder unit, (Part No: TC250S-13), clip in holder is used to mount heat shrink splice protectors in some W&BT splice trays (large and universal; Part no’s TC248S, TC248S-72A & TC251S-1X).

Each holder unit acceots twelve heat shrink protectors of 2.6mm dia. (Part no: 100 x 080 – 1); available seperately. These are mounted in dual/twin hieght positions, in two rows of six; giving 12  splice protector positions in the unit. Two light blue, splice protector holder units can be fitted to each splice tray TC251S-1X, so that 24 splice fibres can be housed on these trays.

The TC250S-7 clip in holder is used to mount Corelink, 3M Fibrlock and Ultra splice protectors in all WBT splice trays. It also used to hold ribbon fibre heat shrin splice protectors.

Each holder accepts five splice protectors. Two holders can be fitted to each splice tray, so that 10 spliced fibres can be housed on these trays.

*Also available are heat shrink splice protectors

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