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Installable Field Connectors

This Field Installable Connector (FIC) allows an A/SC connector to be quickly installed on either a 250 micron or 900 micron optical fibre and make a low loss, long life, reliable connection. No fusion splicing is necessary and epoxy glue is not required when installing this product. The FIC items are made to withstand high tolerances to enable a quick and easy connector assembly in a field environment. This FIC can be used where many terminations need to be made, such as FTTH projects and maintenance applications.

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Part Number: 63999255

This Mechanical Connector, Visual Fault Indicator (VFI) is a small, portable Class II (red) laser light source,used with either 250 micron and/or 900 micron prepared fibre ends, of a Customers single fibre cable, forassembly of a Field Installable Connector (FIC). The FIC makes the end connection for single fibre Customerlead‐ in cable at Customer premises in FTTH installations. The VFI has a 2.5mm dia connector (ie universal)ferrule, for SC connectors. Once the prepared fibre end of the lead in cable is inserted into the FIC, a brightred light appears at a cable port 1. When FIC assembly is made the red light goes quite dim, indicating that asuccessful FIC installation has been achieved. Always clean the 2.5mm dia universal ferrule before use. Afteruse always replace the dust cap.SAFETY NOTE: A Class 11 laser product. Never look directly into optical output.


Installable Field Connectors
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This High Precision Cleaver is a rugged unit, used in cleaving 250 micron and 900 micron prepared fibre ends,on a Customers single fibre cable, for assembly into a Field Installable Connectors (FIC), at Customerpremises in FTTH installations. The FIC makes the end connection for single fibre Customer lead‐ in cable.The cleaver is supplied in a tough and strong plastic carry case for storage and transport. The cleaver can besupplied alone or as part of a Field Installation Tool Kit – N 250/900 (Part No: 65931003KIT) for assemblying aFIC. The cleaver is not serviceable in the field, but replacement blades are available, to be fitted at the suppliers factory.

SAFETY NOTE: Be very careful when handling and transferring optical fibre off cuts, to ensure none enters your skin. They are small items and hard to see, and difficult to remove from the skin. Ensure all fibre offcutsenter the Sharps Container, and none spill out in the adjacent vicinity, where they would be a hazardto other crafts people.


Part Number: 65931003KIT

Field installation tool kit : Installable Field Connectors : Warren & Brown Technologies – Details

This tool kit of items is used to assemble a Field Installable Mechanical Connector (FIC), A/SC type (Part No: 65932101) to a prepared cleaved end of a 250 or 900 micron single mode fibre. The connector is fitted at the Customer end of a single mode fibre in FTTH applications. The items in the kit are listed below:

Part NoDescriptionFunction
65912004Cleaver, Fujikura CT-30Cleaving end of fibre
63999255Visual Fault Indicator (VFI)Assemblying connector
60 x 022Sharps ContainerDisposal of fibre off cuts
65921001Kevlar Cutting ScissorsCutting Kevlar strength
49403256Blue StripperSheath s tripping
49400THSTri hole stripperPreparing fibre
81 x 003Cleaning tissues, lint freeCleaning fibre
65900210Bottle for Isopropyl alcohol, 50mlCleaning liquid
135 x 002RulerMeasuring fibre, prior to
135 x 001Marking PenMarking fibre, prior to
65932101Pack of 10 A/SC, FICA/SC, FI C
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