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Warren & Brown have proven to be the industry leaders in Optical Fibre cable management technology. Warren and Brown's vast array of solutions for internal and external plant networks continues to expand on a weekly basis.Included in the range are Optical Distribution Frames (ODFs), subracks and fibre patch panels, optical fibre patchcords with optional Grade A connectors as well as complete range of FTTH solutions including wallboxes, closures and Fibre Distribution Hubs.

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Specially designed for high density applications, LC duplex uniboot pull tab reversible polarity patch cords allow for easy disconnection from congested patching fields. The pull tab protrudes from the patching field, allowing for easy disconnection and keeping fingers away from the optical ports and from disturbing other patch cords.

LC duplex uniboot patch cords also feature a slim cable construction, with an OD of only 2mm, further reducing congestion in cable management areas and pathways.

Furthermore, one of the major benefits is the reversible polarity feature, which allows for easy transition/swapping of fibre pairs. This provides great flexibility in the field when configuring duplex links and ensuring correct polarity.