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SC Shroud Removal Tool

The QPC Shroud Removal Tool allows an operator to gently remove an outer shroud from a standard SC Connector without damaging the ceramic ferrule, glass fibre, or plastic body.

The SC Shroud Removal Tool holds the ferrule securely while protecting the sensitive components. Closing the pliers causes the jaws to close in a parallel motion, removing the shroud quickly and easily.

The nickel plated steel handle with rubber grip and 300 series stainless steel jaws will assure long service life and trouble free operation.

C-Jaw Torque Clamp

The C-Jaw Torque Clamp Tool for Shipboard MIL-PRF-28876 style and E-Link Backnut adapters are COTS alternatives to NAVSEA drawing number 6872813-5 (NSN #5120-01-419-3283).

The C-Jaw Torque Clamp for Shipboard and E-Link Backnut is used to attach a standard 3/8 inch torque wrench to the back shell of the MIL-PRF-28876 style Shipboard connector. Torque values are per MIL-STD-2042 specifications.

The tools are constructed of hard anodised aircraft grade aluminium with stainless steel screws. PT-024 is for Shipboard Connector size 11, 13 and 15. PT-025 is designed for Shipboard Connector size 23 and for the E-Link 18 Channel Hermaphroditic Connector System.

Insertion and Removal Tools

QPC termini insertion and removal tools are COTS alternatives to NAVSEA drawing numbers 6872813-2 (Termini Insertion Tool), 6872813-4 (Alignment Sleeve Tool), and 6872813-6 (Termini Removal Tool). These rugged tools are used to insert and remove standard 29504/15 and 29504/16 termini while protecting the ferrule end faces and retention systems.

Constructed of heat treated stainless steel components with phenolic handles these tools are designed to give years of smooth operation at far lower cost than their Mil-Spec equivalents.

Termini Spring Compression Tool

The QPC Spring Compression Tool allows the operator to quickly install the fibre optic termini on the retention plate without damaging the fibre or termini body. The tool is designed to work with the QPC QFOCA Enhanced, E-LINK, and TFOL connector systems.

Place the termini into the spring loaded jaws of the spring compression tool and gently squeeze the handle to compress the spring. The termini can be held with the spring compressed in one hand while manoeuvring the retention plate with the other. The small size and ergonomic grip on the tool allow the termini assembly to be manoeuvred easily without endangering the fibre or end face.

The chrome nickel steel handle and grip will assure long service life and trouble free operation.

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