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12/24 Fiber Splice Tray

The QPC 12/24 fibre splice tray design allows for safe storage of up to 24 splices in a 4x9x0.5 inch package size.

The splice organiser is an integrated part of the body, not a ‘stick on’ accessory. The angular position of the splices prevents tight radius bends on the fibres, while the open design allows the maximum flexibility in installation.

A clear polycarbonate cover secured by detents on the splice tray allows quick and easy inspection. Cable buffer tubes are secured to the tray using zip ties. The trays are stackable and can be mounted using two #6 screws, or with straps or Velcro as the application demands.

Node Module

The Node Modules come pre-configured with passive optical devices (WDMS, CWDMS, Splitters) selected to meet the user’s specifications. QPC Node Modules are designed for Harmonic Nodes* and are durable, pre-loaded modules.

Fully assembled and tested at our facilities, QPC Node Modules allow the optical devices to be installed in the user’s node in only moments. The user simply connects the appropriate fibres to the pre-terminated module and drops the module into the existing housing on the node. The end result is an extremely clean, neat and trouble free installation.

QPC Node Modules represent just one success story in their ability to work with customers on well-engineered solutions to their existing challenges.

*Harmonic Node is a registered Trademark of Harmonic. Inc

Octopus Node Module

The Octopus Node Module is a durable, pre-loaded module for use in the C-Cor Optimax 4100 series nodes.

The Octopus comes pre-configured with optical devices selected to meet the customer requirements. Fully assembled and tested at QPC’s facilities, the Octopus allows the optical devices to be installed in the user’s node in only moments. The user simply plugs the input lines into the existing housing on the C-Cor node.

The end result is an extremely neat and trouble free installation.

Micro Module

QPC’s Micro Module System provides an ultra high-density solution for rack mount optical devices (Splitters/Couplers, WDMs, etc.). The Micro Modules can accommodate up to two SC-Duplex Adapters in the front and/or back. Twenty (20) of these modules will fit in a 2 Rack Unit (3.5”) space.

Stinger Module

QPC’s Stinger Module System is a compact, flexible method of terminating fibre optic cables.

The system consists of inter-changeable modules and can be adapted for a variety of applications including ITS Systems; Data Centers, CATV, FTTH, and many more.

This very flexible termination system can be supplied pre-configured or as field upgradeable components. Mounting options include a DIN rail system for fast rugged assembly with trouble free operation, versatility, and a long service life. Screw mounts are available for maximum flexibility.

Adapter modules are available with SC, ST, FC or MTP adapters in singlemode or multimode. The cable input module can be supplied with or without a splice tray. The enhanced cable strain relief and a second cable entry port make the Stinger very flexible, expandable, and field upgradeable.

The end result is an extremely neat and trouble free installation.

Harsh Environment Outdoor Enclosure Box

  • Ruggedized Fiber & Electrical Junction Box
  • Protection From Dirst, Dust, Oil & Water
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Fully Customizable Solution
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