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WBT’s fibre optic ducting raceway brand Yellowduct, is a unique system for routing and protecting fiber optic cords between termination equipment, patch panels and fibre optic splicing cabinets or frames in telecommunications exchanges, data centres, universities, hospitals, or anywhere fibre optic cabling is present. Easily mounted above equipment racks or below floors, it provides an easily accessible solution to any situation.

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Part Number: TC1279-50-3

The Fibre Spreader/Protector physically separates installed optical fibre cords in a duct, as the duct wall is being prepared to install a new drop-off. This item protects installed optical fibre cords from damage during the cut-out operation. The Fibre Spreader/Protector should be used whenever the side of a duct system, housing optical fibre cords, is being prepared for a new drop-off installation.


Part Number: TC1279-483A

This Cut Out Jig is used to quickly and neatly prepare the side of a new duct length, to make a cut out for quickly installing a drop-off or a break-out guide (ie an outlet trumpet). The Jig is centrally located about a centre mark on the top of the duct edge. it is clamped in position, and two quick cuts are made using a hand saw (Part No: 100 x 060 – available separately) to the full depth of the marked slots for the item to be installed. Next a Stanley knife is run ( two or three times) along the bottom of the Jig’s straight edge, between saw cuts, to make a straight longitudinal cut in the ducts side. The Cut Out Jig is unclamped and removed from the duct, and the prepared piece of duct is removed using light finger pressure. The Stanley knife is used to clean the ducts edges, and the nominated item is quickly and simply fitted into the prepared cut-out.


Part Number: TC1279-231

Cut out tools are used to cut notches in the side of the duct to accommodate drop-outs. They are supplied with a fibre spreader to protect previously installed fibres when using the tools.


Part number: TC1279-604KIT

This kit of two items in used to mark the central hole position, using template, on the side of the duct and using a permanent marker pen. Then using the 60mm dia hole saw with 6.3mm dia guiding drill, a 60mm dia hole is cut into the side of the duct, into the 60mm dia hole optic fibre cord side spill outs (ie Drop-Off’s) can be fitted.

There are straight outlet set (Part number TC1279-602A) or 90 degree Up/Down/Left/Right outlet set (part number TC1279-609A).

Duct Spill-out kit Instructions

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