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Part Number: TC1279-183KIT

This heavy duty bracket kit is made from 6mm thick mild steel and can be used to install any duct in a horizontal plane. It has two vertical slots suited to wall or Unistrut™ mounting and provides a single long slot to accept duct-mounting brackets up to 220mm size. It is particularly suited to larger ducts with high fibre counts. It can also be mounted overhead (from Unistrut ™ ) with other right angled brackets to provide vertical adjustment. It is similar to Part No: TC1279-161 KIT but is stronger and has greater reach (about 100mm additional length). Included are: 2 x M10 x 25mm long set screws, nuts and washers to mount to wall; and 1 x M12 x 20mm long set screw and washer to accept a duct mounting bracket.

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