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WBT’s fibre optic ducting raceway brand Yellowduct, is a unique system for routing and protecting fiber optic cords between termination equipment, patch panels and fibre optic splicing cabinets or frames in telecommunications exchanges, data centres, universities, hospitals, or anywhere fibre optic cabling is present. Easily mounted above equipment racks or below floors, it provides an easily accessible solution to any situation.

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Part Number: TC1279-78KIT

This is simply a bracket, with a threaded stud and two screws, that can be fixed to the duct and any existing building. For 30mm duct the plate is mounted along the duct length, and for 50mm duct the plate is mounted across the duct. This allows simple adjustment, while providing adequate strength for the loads associated with the smaller ducting systems.


Part number: TC1279-130KIT

This kit is a simple and adjustable means of attaching/mounting either 50 or 30mm duct, in either a vertical or horizontal plane. It is generally used to mount 50-mm duct at the front of a rack. The kit consists of: a pair of adjustable, 90 degree mounting brackets; a small mounting plate, with a stud, nut & washer; and adhesive backed hook & loop mounting/fastening pad.


Part Number: TC1279 – 303A

This Side Mounting Bracket is used to install & secure 300mm duct (Part No: TC1279-275A) in a straight run. This Bracket is typically spaced at 0.9 metres or less, to make a rigid & strong installation. The duct is mounted in the Duct Mounting Bracket (Part No: TC1279-297A); which in turn is bolted to the Side Mounting Bracket, using the M12 (1/2”) x 20mm long hex bolt & washer included. The Side Mounting Bracket is secured, at the desired height, to 5/8” UNC threaded rod, using 2 x 5/8 “ UNC hex. nuts & washers. Both the 5/8” UNC threaded rod x 300mm, 760mm or 1000mm long (Part No’s: 93×5-8×300; 93×5-8×760 or 93×5- 8×1000); and 5/8” UNC hex nuts & washers (Part No: TC1279-120KIT); are available separately.


This assembly consists of a standard 30 mm (50mm, 100mm, 220mm, 300mm) duct support bracket, with a captive M12 nut and bolt set; that enables the duct support bracket to be bolted to any other mounting bracket. This assembly is used where the duct is directly mounted to flat brackets with 13mm (1/2 inch clearance) dia holes.

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