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Mini CAT6A Patch Cords

Congestion in data and network racks often presents a variety of challenges. In the quest to maximize density and utilize rack and floor space, cable congestion has become a greater issue to deal with. In these instances, it can be quite difficult to keep cabling neatly organized and to effectively manage a network.

Therefore, since higher port densities contribute to cable congestion in and around patching fields and cable routing areas, it is important to look for solutions that are space saving as well as being easy and flexible to work with .

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Copper Cabling Mini CAT6A s-ftpMini S/FTP (shielded) patch cords deliver the same level of performance as standard diameter CAT6A shielded patch cords with the added benefit of a smaller cable diameter. The smaller cable diameter reduces congestion in a rack & around patching fields and provides better airflow. Being over 15% smaller in diameter than standard CAT6A patch cords, this product provides a true space saving solution while still allowing for high speed 10Gbps transmission according to ISO/IEC 11801:2010 2nd amendment.


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