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Mini CAT6 Patch Cords

WBT has developed a solution which enables you to fit more cables per Data Rack. The new Mini CAT6 solution reduces the amount of cable space required in each individual rack, saving you time, money and resources.

The New Mini CAT6 Patch cords are 36% smaller in diameter than standard CAT6 Patch cords.

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The Mini CAT6 U/UTP patch cords from WBT provide a superior solution when compared to standard CAT6 U/UTP patch cords. The mini CAT6 unshielded patch cords provide the same high level of performance as standard CAT6 patch cords, with the added benefit of being 35% smaller in diameter. In addition, the flexible LSZH outer sheath enables the patch cords to be easily routed and connected into patching fields. Furthermore, this solution is extremely beneficial for all cabling applications, including connecting to workstations.

Copper Cabling Mini CAT6

As with all WBT patch cords, the mini CAT6 unshielded patch cords meet all the relevant cabling standards and provide reliable connectivity for Class E (1Gbps) networks.

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