Optical Fibre and Copper Cabling Systems

CAT5E Patch Cords

Warren and Brown CAT5E patch cords also known as CAT5E patch leads offer elite performance for the majority of all standard Ethernet network applications.

CAT5E Ethernet patch cords are available in shielded or unshielded variations and feature a snag-less boot design.

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Patch Cord CAT5E MP8 100, unshielded, grey

Product number Length Colour
TGL00000E0010 0,5 m grey
TGL00000E0011 1,0 m grey
TGL00001E0007 1,5 m grey
TGL00001E0005 2,0 m grey
TGL00002E0004 3,0 m grey
TGL00003E0003 5,0 m grey
TGL00004E0003 7,5 m grey
TGL00005E0003 10,0 m grey
TGL00006E0015 15,0 m grey
TGL00006E0019 25,0 m grey
TGL00006E0020 50,0 m grey


Patch Cord CAT5E MP8 100, unshielded, blue

Product number Length Colour
TGL00000E0063 0,5 m blue
TGL00000E0068 1,0 m blue
TGL00001E0067 2,0 m blue
TGL00002E0101 3,0 m blue
TGL00003E0048 5,0 m blue
TGL00004E0051 7,5 m blue
TGL00005E0025 10,0 m blue


Patch Cord CAT5E MP8 100, unshielded, black

Product number Length Colour
TGL00000E0000 0,5 m black
TGL00000E0001 1,0 m black
TGL00001E0000 2,0 m black
TGL00002E0000 3,0 m black
TGL00003E0000 5,0 m black
TGL00004E0000 7,5 m black
TGL00005E0000 10,0 m black


Patch Cord CAT5E MP8 100, unshielded, green

Product number Length Colour
TGL00000E0003 0,25 m green
TGL00000E0064 0,5 m green
TGL00000E0069 1,0 m green
TGL00001E0068 2,0 m green
TGL00002E0102 3,0 m green
TGL00003E0049 5,0 m green
TGL00004E0052 7,5 m green
TGL00005E0026 10,0 m green


Patch Cord CAT5E MP8 100, unshielded, red

Product number Length Colour
TGL00000E0065 0,5 m red
TGL00000E0070 1,0 m red
TGL00001E0069 2,0 m red
TGL00002E0103 3,0 m red
TGL00003E0050 5,0 m red
TGL00004E0053 7,5 m red
TGL00005E0027 10,0 m red


Patch Cord CAT5E MP8 100, unshielded, yellow

Product number Length Colour
TGL00000E0066 0,5 m yellow
TGL00000E0071 1,0 m yellow
TGL00001E0070 2,0 m yellow
TGL00002E0104 3,0 m yellow
TGL00003E0051 5,0 m yellow
TGL00004E0054 7,5 m yellow
TGL00005E0028 10,0 m yellow
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