Optical Fibre and Copper Cabling Systems

WBT’s state of the art optic fibre termination facility

WBTs local Australian manufacturing facilities are equipped with a state of the art optic fibre termination facility. We are able to custom manufacture any type of fibre optic patch cord or multi-fibre cable assembly.

If you have an urgent requirement for custom cable assemblies, speak to our friendly sales team to organise your next order.

See our differentials:

1. Fast manufacturing and delivery times
2. Any cable type including single fibre, multifibre (singlemode & multimode) or specific cable construction – loose tube, tight buffered, ruggedized, etc
3 Any connector type – SC, SC/A, FC, LC, ST, etc.
4. Quality components used (100% tested and inspected)
5. Low loss ‘Grade A’ connector options available

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