Optical Fibre and Copper Cabling Systems
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Best uses for the Fast Closure Sealant 20D

Part Numbers: 40007865 (Single) & 40008380 (pack of 6). The Fast Closure Sealant 20D is a resilient and versatile product from Dexgreen. In this article, ways to use this sealant will be looked at.           This fast Read more
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WBT is Driving Mobile Networks Further with JMA Wireless products

With countless volumes of calls, texts and data being transmitted on mobile networks, network operators need to ensure that their networks are reliably supported by quality infrastructure. Reliable tower infrastructure, including power and communications cabling, is an essential element for Read more
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Is your head in the cloud? Check these 4 solutions for Data Centres

  Regardless of if you operate your own Data Centre, lease floor space or infrastructure within a Data Centre, or manage a small IT room, we have all experienced moments when we daydream about the network infrastructure we’d like to Read more
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Application of the Dexgreen 10 Pair In – Line closure

Dexgreen have developed the 10 Pair In-Line closure for 0.40mm and 0.64mm conductor size cables. Read on to see how to install this closure in three simple steps! The 10 pair Dexseal closure is non-reusable and is designed for single use Read more
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Dexgreen Sealing Tape for End Cap Applications

The versatile Dexgreen Sealing Tape can be applied in a range of different ways to suit varying purposes. In this blog, we will look at how to use the sealing tape for end-cap applications. There are three simple steps to Read more
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Dexgreen Sealing Tape for Repair of Heat Shrink Closures

Dexgreen have developed a versatile sealing tape that can be used for a number of different purposes. Here, we will be looking at how to repair heat shrink closures using the Dexgreen Sealing Tape. To use this versatile product for this application, there are a Read more
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HypaFOX: The end to end MTP®/MPO cabling solution that has it all

It’s 2018 and the need for speed and reliability places Data Centres around the world in a race to build networks that are resilient, scalable and ready for the future. Compromising on density or usability is not an option anymore. Read more
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Increasing optical fibre capacity in Hyperscale data centres and Telecom exchanges

  Due to the increasing number of fibre optic patch cord connections in telecom exchanges and Hyperscale data centres, managing and routing large volumes of patch cords is becoming more challenging in these environments. As new services are added, many Read more
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Things can get out of hand. This is what you can do

  The need for high-speed networks has increased the usage of optical fibre cables in networks and data centres around the world. In these environments, optical fibre installation and management can be quite challenging. As high density is a common Read more
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A major revision of ISO/IEC11801 international standard is on the way

  This what you need to know now: ISO/IEC, as well as other similar international standards such as EIA/TIA and AS/NZS, specifies the standards that should be followed by planners, architects, designers, installers and others in the design and implementation Read more