Optical Fibre and Copper Cabling Systems
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What you need to know about the AS/NZS 3084:2017 standards update – Telecommunications pathways and spaces for commercial buildings

This Joint Australian/New Zealand Standard was prepared by Joint Technical Committee CT-001, Communications Cabling for Commercial Buildings. The AS/NZS 3084:2017 Telecommunications installations standard specifies practices to assist planners, architects, designers, engineers, builders, installers, maintenance personnel, building owners, managers and users Read more
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Closure installation done the right way – Dexgreen and WBT April 2017 eNews

When using Dexgreen closures in the telecommunications network, it is imperative to ensure that correct product handling and installation procedures are followed. Following the outlined procedures and adhering to the high level of best practice, will ensure compliance in the Read more
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Improve fibre optic cable patch cord management in Data Racks – New Ducting products

The Warren and Brown optical fibre ducting raceway is an Australian made solution for managing, routing and protecting fiber optic cords between termination equipment, patch panels and fibre optic splicing cabinets or frames. This cost-effective and reliable solution has been Read more
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High-density performance at your fingertips

Optical fibre pull tab LC duplex uniboot patch cords Increasing density in patching fields provides many benefits, including optimizing and reducing rack space and floor space in Data Centres and other facilities. However, the increase in cable congestion, as well Read more
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How to manage polarity in MTP® / MPO backbone and duplex optical fibre links

New Product - Reversible polarity LC duplex patch cords Managing polarity in duplex optical fibre links is essential in ensuring correct transmission performance. Transmit ports on end 1, must communicate with receive ports on end 2 and vice-versa. Generally, this Read more
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The difference between OS1 and OS2 optical fibre. Why it matters?

Specifying the right type of optical fibre will ensure that you have the best performing product for your application. There has been some debate and confusion in the industry as to differences between OS1 and OS2 fibre types and what Read more
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CAT6 and CAT6A Pre-term Copper Bundles

Rapid deployment without compromising performance Over the last decade, CAT6 and CAT6A cables and connectors have become an indispensable means of data transmission. Many Data centres, Hospitals and Universities have adopted CAT6A as a new minimum requirement and CAT6 is Read more
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Build resilience into your Network

Network downtime has the potential to cost organisations thousands or even millions of dollars. A vast number of these causes are often attributed to poorly installed or managed cabling infrastructure. Delicate optical fibre patch cords transmit large volumes of critical data Read more
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Optical Fibre Pre-Term Distribution Cables

The reliable custom-made solution that saves you time and money Network operators and installers often find many challenges when deploying optical fibre networks due to the high labour costs and long installation time required when splicing optical fibre. In addition, testing is Read more
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Watch now WBT’s new company profile video

It has been said that Warren and Brown Technologies is one of Australia’s best kept high tech design and manufacturing secrets. In this new video, Warren & Brown Technologies takes you on a tour of our head office in Melbourne, Read more